1) The energies within us also extend beyond the surface of our skin and form our human biofields. Aspects of our biofields can be measured. Electrocardiograms (EKG's) and electroencephalograms (EEG's) are common tools that measure a person's biofield. Modern superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) measure the biomagnetic fields of the heart (magnetocardiography) and brain (magnetoencephalography), in clinical medicine1. Biofields are also understood to receive and hold information which can used to support healing.

2) We function as “open systems”. As living beings, we are composed of multiple and interconnected centers, layers, and currents of energy and information that are in constant, dynamic interaction with self, others, and the environment. Within this holistic perspective, the energies in and around our bodies dynamically shape our feelings, thoughts, and physical bodies and vice versa.

3) Good health requires a balanced flow of energy. When the flow of energy is disturbed, blocked, or misaligned, you can experience symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety, or illness. Within the body's biofield, trauma, emotional and mental stress, and outdated belief systems are often stored, impacting your ability to function at full potential. You may need help to clear, reactivate, or strengthen aspects of the biofield to re-establish healthful equilibrium.

4) All healing is self-healing. Bioenergy Therapy supports a person's natural self-healing capacities. The human biofield is considered foundational to our physical being and its innate healing capacities.

5) Energy follows thought. With conscious intention, Katherine Paras focuses her awareness on your biofield and guides processes of energy exchange within it. This may occur with or without physical contact. Supporting your innate healing capacities, she uses her hands as sensitive detectors to assess disturbances in the biofield. Her hands also serve to send healing energies to soothe and balance your biofield.

6) As complementary non-verbal and non-vocal modes of communication, both energy (biofield therapies) and image (art as therapy) can guide healing in an integrated fashion. Making visible the invisible energies within, you can externalize and explore elements of your biofield by creating dialogue with symptoms within the body and letting them guide your choice of color, gesture, and shape of imagery.

7) Energy Medicine modalities are NOT a substitute for medical treatment. Katherine Paras works within the principles of Integrative Medicine and Health. In this approach, a person may integrate Bioenergy Work with other treatment methods at the same time in holistic service to all needs -  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.



•  Post Session Responses: You may be very sleepy after the session and need to rest. Sometimes, light-headedness is experienced for fifteen minutes or so. You may be thirsty or need to urinate. Alternatively you can feel energized after the session. It can be helpful to have extra unscheduled time after session so that you can comfortably re-integrate within the rhythms of your own process.

•  General Outcomes: When the energetic foundations of the physical body are addressed and inner biofield currents flow in a more balanced way, self-healing capacities are empowered (See references below):

* When a person receives bioenergy healing, sleep can improve, symptoms of pain can reduce, strength and energy can build. New energies can become available that illness may otherwise hinder.

* Reduction of pain, associated with burns and surgery, have been reported.

* Cancer patients have reported lessening of anxiety and reduction of symptoms and side effects of treatments.

* Some studies have shown symptoms of anxiety and distress to ease, post surgical healing to accelerate, and bone healing promoted.

* When a person is terminally ill, bioenergy sessions can bring greater ease to the challenges of a life ending. Biofield healing techniques can be learned by the person or his or her caregivers for daily use.

* Individualized, self-care practices taught by Katherine Paras can support and strengthen self healing outside of session.

•  Individual Outcomes: How a specific individual will respond to sessions of bioenergy healing cannot be predicted. Scientific investigation of Energy Medicine modalities is in its early stages. What we do know is that for thousands of years human beings have practiced different versions of Biofield Therapies under diverse names, for example, laying on of hands or qigong healing. Similarly for millenia, both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine have been based on the treatment of energetic systems within the body. Contemporary Western science now includes the practice of “Biofield Treatment” modalities as subject for research in the field of Energy Medicine.


Bioenergy Healing, also called subtle energy healing, is a treatment approach used to support an individual's own mechanisms of healing. It is considered a Biofield Therapy, focusing on fields of activity that exist within and around the physical body. Every living being has a biofield. The very subtle dynamics and dimensions of these complex biofields are invisible to the physical eye.  Generally speaking, good health reflects their balance. Illness indicates imbalance. A person can engage solely in Bioenergy sessions with Katherine Paras, and not use Art Therapy.



  Physical Set-up: Depending upon your needs, you can sit in a chair, lie (fully clothed) on the massage table, or stand during treatment.

•  Centered Presence: A few moments of quiet are taken to settle into yourself and let go of the distractions of the day. Katherine Paras uses various meditative techniques to enter into a deepened state of presence and perception.

•  Assessment: Exploring the subtleties of your biofield, Katherine either gently moves her hands several inches above and around the individual or lightly touches the body. In doing so, she receives signals that indicate blockages or imbalances that are interfering with the body’s natural state of healthful flow. She may describe the impressions of energy received as cool, warm, static, or tingling sensations occurring where there is congestion or disturbance.

•  Intervention: Working with the areas of disturbance, Katherine will use gentle motions of her hands to release and move disruptive energies out of your field. The movements may be repeated until she feels energetic clearing of the area, or you experience relief of symptoms. Through her hands she also infuses healing energies into areas in need to help them regain a more balanced state. You may experience this as permeating warmth or relaxing ease. During the treatment process, you and Katherine may talk to share impressions of shifts you are feeling.

•  Evaluation and Closure: You will be given a few minutes to relax and integrate the changes that have occurred. Katherine may re-assess the energy field for any remaining areas possibly needing attention. Together you can review the experience of the session.

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