Katherine Paras, M.S. is an experienced integrative mind-body psychotherapist, a licensed, registered, and board certified art therapist, a certified polarity practitioner, and a certified continuing education provider.


INTEGRATIVE MIND-BODY PSYCHOTHERAPY: In my private practice, started twenty-five years ago, I have successfully integrated art as therapy and subtle energetics in my work with individuals and groups. I counsel adults and children to help them strengthen self-healing capacities, develop tools to constructively work with everyday challenges, and create a life that nourishes. My psychotherapy practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico,  started in year 2000, is guided by principles of Integrative Medicine and Health. To learn about more about my work with children, please visit childarttherapysantafe.com.


Building upon traditional Western and contemplative Eastern psycholo-gies, I began in the mental health field as an art therapist in 1974. At that point I was already rooted in what became a lifetime commitment to artistic and spiritual investigation. This lifetime immersion in intuitive, creative processes – combined with years of training and experience in the fields of mental health, education, and energy medicine – allows me to effectively guide our sessions. Within the deeply organic and multi-faceted experiences of mind-body healing, we focus in ways that are highly specific to your growth and needs. In my personal life, I faced what was a long-time undiagnosed, chronic illness that began in early childhood. This experience deepens my capacities to guide you with compassion as you address the challenges before you.


PAST EXPERIENCE: In New York City from 1974 to 1994, I was senior art therapy consultant and supervisor for the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services. Within this agency and in other settings, I worked with people of many ages, from all walks of life, who were focused on diverse challenges: mental health and psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol addiction, special educational needs, mental developmental challenges, multiple handicaps and physical disability. I was a founding faculty member of New York University’s Graduate Art Therapy Program. Since then, I have taught and supervised both professionals  and graduate students in various academic and other venues. These include Vermont College, Southwestern College, and annual conferences of the Internation-al Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine.


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With forty years of experience supporting healing in others, I continue to cherish the creative process as the breath and heart of deep healing, and encourage it forward in you.



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• Currier Museum Center of Art

• Rhode Island School of Design

• Philadelphia College Of Art, B.F.A.

• Hahnemann Medical College, M.S.


POST GRADUATE TRAININGS: ENERGY MEDICINE MODALITIES: My career in mind-body healing spans over twenty-five years, with trainings in:

• Advanced Mind-Body Healing: Training
  Analysis with Lawrence Watson

• Polarity Therapy at the Santa Fe Polarity
  Therapy Institute (A.P.P.)

• Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger

• Bioenergy Work with Mietek and
   Margaret Wirkus

• Therapeutic Touch, with Dolores Krieger,
   Ph.D., Dora Kunz, et al.


Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Integrative Healing Guided by Art Therapy and Bioenergy Practices

Educational Services Guided by Principles of Integrative Medicine and Health




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