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Turn Impasse into Creative Action and Deep Healing



To heal symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or physical illness, use body memories to access innate intelligence & inner wisdom of the body
Katherine Paras MS, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Integrative Mind Body Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Art Therapy,Subtle Energy Healing and Counseling

Guided Imagery Created through Meditation and Bionergy Practices to Strengthen Self-Healing


Registered and Board Certified
Art Therapist (A.T.R.-B.C.)

Licensed Professional Art Therapist (L.P.A.T. 0454)

Associate Polarity Practitioner (A.P.P.)


Turn Impasse into Creative Action and Deep Healing

When you feel overwhelmed by the challenges in your life, you can easily lose connection to your strength, passion, and joy. Stress upon stress can feel like an avalanche with no mercy.

When you find yourself stacking worry upon worry, how do you change direction?

Unexpected chaos can easily open old wounds and make it harder for you to cope with your life and the handicaps within it. Before you know it, you can find yourself flooded with anxiety, hopelessness, rage, or fear – hurting yourself and the people around you. Ignored, this suffering simply leads to more suffering and unnecessary pain.

Under the layers of suffering, there are deeper truths that can lead you to new options and growth. How do you reach the depths of yourself to stabilize and navigate your life? You need practical tools you can use every day as you face the specific challenges and changes in your life.

With counseling, you can learn how to work with the integrated power of image-making, meditative, and bioenergetic practices. These help you to build self-healing capacities, centered within the body. With no previous experience, you can learn how to shape these Energy Medicine practices in ways that support your individual needs, reducing physical symptoms of stress, relieving anxiety, and meeting challenges without overwhelm. Guided by principles of Integrative Medicine, you heal mental, emotional, and spiritual pain, embedded within your physical body, and reclaim your inner resources.

















When freed from old patterns, the creativity of your life becomes anchored in new ways, releasing your vitality and joy.

  •  Focus and deepen your self-healing capacities
  •  Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and physical illness
  •  Reduce stress and overwhelm
  •  Identify and clear inner obstacles to your growth
  •  Increase strength, energy, and stamina
  •  Deepen inner sense of peace and harmony
  •  Move with greater ease through life



Expand your inner presence and deepen your authenticity through increased self awareness and mind body integration.
Rediscover the source of your core potentials, inner resources, and creative powers.


Curiosity, and a willingness to make mistakes, empowers your personal and professional growth.
Learn how to explore and integrate all parts of self for personal and professional fulfillment.

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